Extroverts and Introverts in College


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Extroverts and Introverts in College

Every personality type has its assets and drawbacks. But in the formative college years, what are the challenges faced by extroverts and introverts, and how can they adapt to college campus life?

Personality Snapshots

Personality types in the U.S. (1)

Extroverts: 49.3%

Introverts: 50.7%

General characteristics (2)

Extroverts: Introverts

Social: Prefer isolation

Practical: Idealistic

Affectionate: Passive

Informal: Formal

Active: Thinking about the future

Lively: Innovative

Pros and Cons on Campus




Extroverts make friends easily, whether through social clubs on campus or with professors. This helps them find jobs once they graduate through a network of professional acquaintances.

Group projects

A lot of undergraduate classes emphasize working in groups, especially for research. Extroverts work very well with others and excel as natural leaders.

Class participation

Most professors give points or even extra credit for classroom participation. Extroverts should have no problem contributing to any discussion and voicing their opinions.


Percentage of workers in 2010 who got their job through networking (3)


Hours of study

Even studying in a group can be tedious for extroverts. They would much rather socialize and find excitement outside of the library. Most extroverts are hands-on learners, too.


Research is a solitary act that can be boring, not to mention lonely, for a lot of extroverts.

Strict budget

Extroverts like to go out. But in college, students have to stay in a lot to stay out of debt and maintain their budget.

15 hours

Average weekly study time of a full-time college student (4)




Definitely an introvert’s strong point, studying alone or quietly in small groups is how many excel academically.

Ability to create

Most college majors offer students the opportunity to explore their creative, innovative side, something most introverts love to discover.


A lot of introverts would prefer to take classes online so that they can focus on the material without being surrounded by a noisy classroom. Most colleges now offer this option.


Percentage of colleges that offer online-only degree programs (5)


Social scene

College is a lot about making new friends, something that doesn’t always come easily to introverts.

Dorm life

Most introverts would prefer to live alone or with a close friend. Being shoved into a small living space with a handful of strangers is some introverts’ nightmares.


Because of a lack of socializing, introverts may miss out on the academic and professional connections that could help them find jobs upon graduating.


Percentage of students attending a public, four-year institution who live on campus (6)



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