FAQ For Finding the Best Degrees, Colleges, and Careers For You

Check out College Match Up's Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ for finding the best degrees, colleges, and careers.  We also have included other questions and answers that may help you understand some terminology, the college process, and assistance with decision-making.  Contact us if you have questions of your own.


What is a personality type?

A personality type is a collection of personality traits that, based on psychological typing theories, are thought to occur together consistently, and they can be determined by a certain pattern of responses to a personality inventory.  This inventory can also be referred to as an instrument, or test, although no right or wrong answers exist, so test isn't really an appropriate word.

Over many years, personality typing has been researched to determine 16 types.  To explore these types, go to History of Personality Theory and Typing.

How can I take the test to find out my personality type?

This site currently does not offer a personality type instrument (test).  However, many quality sites do offer this test for a price, such as the myersbriggs.org or keirsey.com, or for free, such as 16personalities.com. DiscoverYourPersonality is another great resource offering online tests on a variety of career-focused and personality-focused topics. 

How can I find the degree and college best suited for my personality?

You can go to the Rankings by Personality Type page and read the rankings article for your personality type.

How can I find adventure jobs?

Great sites exist for finding part- and full-time adventure jobs.  Check out adventure jobs.co, backdoor jobs.com, and lookingforadventure.com.  For government jobs involving outdoors, adventure, and sports try U.S. Dept of State.  Before you set yourself on the adventure career path, take a look at Adventure Jobs - Some Questions To Ask Yourself Honestly.