10 Most Extroverted Schools in America

College isn’t just a chance to get educated; it’s a time to meet new people from different walks of life, explore your interests and try new activities. Extroverts know the value of encountering new people, new ideas and new experiences, and college is a time when these open, social types can really shine. Extroverts take their energy from other people and the world around them; they are interested in others, thrive on group activities, collaborate effectively and enjoy socializing. What is the best college matchup for Extroverts? Generally, a school with an Extroverted campus life offers a high density of clubs and organizations, an active party scene, deep involvement in community service, and a large proportion of students living on campus. Our ranking of the Ten Most Extroverted Schools ranks the best places for social butterflies to spread their wings.


  • Party School Rank (1/4): Frequency and quality of parties as reported by students; access to bars, varsity sports and Greek life
  • Density of Student Clubs and Organizations (1/4): The number of clubs and organizations relative to the total student population.
  • Percentage of student body living on campus (1/4): The percentage of students living in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing.
  • Commitment to Community Service (1/4): The number of students involved in service projects as reported by students; number of community service organizations.

1. Colgate University

Colgate earns a solid A+ from students and alums for its party scene. Nearly half of students belong to a fraternity or sorority. Almost 90% of Colgate’s 2,861 students live on campus throughout their time at Colgate. With over 250 clubs, there’s something for every interest, from improv and a capella to akido and ultimate Frisbee. The school also offers abundant sports opportunities, from club and intramural teams to outdoor adventures in sea kayaking and wilderness trips.
Colgate is tied with Loyola Maryland for the highest commitment to community service in this ranking. Besides student humanitarian clubs, Colgate runs a volunteerism initiative, taking students to local and global service sites. With so many ways to mingle- from sororities to social service- Colgate is our all-around top pick in Best Schools for Extroverts.

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  • 2. Rollins College

    Rollins provides a vibrant yet intimate student life experience. The school offers many social activities within a small, close-knit student body numbering just 2,521. For a small school, Rollins has a large number of student organizations, from academic clubs like Venture Capital Club and Archeology Club to organizations dedicated to pure fun like Ultimate Frisbee and Improv Players. Students at Rollins are not only close to one another, they are connected to the larger community. For the altruistic extrovert, Rollins has a number of philanthropic student organizations, such as Wellness Ambassadors, Democracy Club and Catholic Campus Ministry. The college has five fraternities and seven sororities, and about 40% of students are involved in Greek life. This small-yet-social environment is ideal for extroverts looking for a college where they can interact frequently and connect deeply with their peers.

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  • 3. Vanderbilt University

    Vanderbilt is known for competitive academics and ambitious students, but the university’s unofficial motto, “work hard, play hard,” reflects a serious commitment to fun as well. In fact, students and alumni give the school’s party scene a grade of A+. With a large student body of 12,567, there are lots of new people to meet. Vanderbilt boasts 530 student organizations, a number which is especially high relative to the student population. Why are clubs so popular at Vanderbilt? It may be because there’s something for everyone; there are student organizations dedicated to everything from tap dance to sailing. Greek life is another way Vanderbilt students “play hard”; over 42% of students are enrolled in a sorority or fraternity. Off campus, Extroverted students can enjoy the world-famous Nashville music scene, or mingle the city’s many bars, clubs and nightlife option.

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  • 4. Providence College

    Providence College (PC) is the only College in the nation administered by Dominican Priests, and the school’s staff includes 25 friars and nuns. In keeping with its religious background, PC administers mainly single-sex dorms with designated opposite-sex visiting hours, and the school has no sororities or fraternities. The school is also known for rigorous academics and students who devote long hours to study. So why do students and alumni alike rate PC an A+ party school? The social scene at PC is vibrant and varied. On, campus, the school hosts popular activities like movie nights, bingo games, and highly popular intramural sports, along with Division I athletics, including basketball and hockey. Off campus, students can mix and mingle at the many institutions and events of Providence, including the city’s “WaterFire” outdoor cultural festivals. At bars, clubs and dorm parties, PC students are known for hard partying, but as one student describes in the Princeton Review, “students love to party and go out…but come Sunday night, the library is packed and everyone has their nose in the books.” Clubs are another way Extroverts can connect at PC. The school has 4,735
    students and 130 clubs, with options from figure skating to sketch comedy. Service-minded Extroverts can join clubs like Campus Ministry, Students Against Racism, Circle K, and Colleges Against Cancer.

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  • 5. Morehouse College

    Morehouse College is unique in several ways. This historically African American college is the largest all-male college in the nation, and is one of the few liberal arts schools just for men. With just 2,167 students, Morehouse is the smallest school included in this ranking, and the student-to-faculty ration is just 13 to one. A small student body and intimate class sizes means students get to interact constantly, and collaborate closely and form a lot of connections, a big plus for many Extroverts. Some 68% of students live on campus, many in the school’s 8 fraternities, and the school sponsors a number of social events, including Spring Fest, Drive-In Movie Night and even a campus Fashion Show. Students give the party scene at Morehouse a solid A+ rating.

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  • 6. Stanford University

    Extroverts will love the vibrant campus life offered by Stanford; 93% of its 16,770 students live on campus, the highest percentage of any school in this ranking. Students have the option of rooming with like-minded peers in “theme houses”, and there are dorms dedicated to every interest, from Italian culture to community service to Biology. Extroverts who want an even more close-knit residential experience can choose to live in a co-op, where residents work together to maintain shared building spaces, and cook and eat as a group. Many co-ops also have themes related to religion, art, lifestyle or academic interests. Students at Stanford connect to the local and global communities as well as one another. The school’s Philanthropy and Civil Society bring together leaders in the field of human service, and the school also sponsors student volunteer groups, and over 100 of the school’s 650 clubs are dedicated to social service. Sports are another big part of social life at Stanford. The school has 36 varsity, 19 club and 27 intramural teams, and has had at least one NCAA team champion every year since 1976.

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  • 7. University of Dayton

    Based in Dayton, Ohio, the University of Dayton is a private, Roman Catholic school where Extroverts will find an abundance of activities to keep them out and about.
    The Princeton Review ranks Dayton #1 in the nation for participation in intramural sports, and its varsity teams, particularly basketball, are wildly popular with students. Students can also bond over less traditional athletics; the school maintains a climbing wall, bowling alley, billiard hall, and kayak launch. Popular school-sponsored events include game nights and Flick n’ Float, when movies are screened above the indoor pool. Students give Dayton’s party scene an A+, and say that house parties are the most popular place to socialize. Some 72% of the school’s 11,250 students live on campus, and almost every off-campus student lives in the adjacent “student neighborhood”, several blocks of Dayton occupied entirely by university student renters which functions as an unofficial school residency. Extroverts who wish to connect to others through service will respond to the school’s guiding philosophy of “Commitment to Community”. The school runs a large number of service learning opportunities, and students themselves administer many community service clubs which promote interfaith dialogue, perform environmental activities and mentor at-risk youth.
    Eight sororities and an equal number of fraternities are also available for those interested in the Greek system.

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  • 8. Miami University

    Extroverts tend to gravitate toward Miami University, with its outgoing, entrepreneurial student body, thriving Greek life, and popular student clubs. This Public Ivy is based in Oxford, Ohio, and has a student body of 19,076, with about half living on campus. The school provides free entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening through “Late Night Miami”, with concerts, movies and performances. Off campus, the town of Oxford offers a high density of bars and dance clubs, where the 18+ age limit allows younger students to join in. There are 727 clubs, the majority of which focus around academic, professional or service interests. Miami has earned the nickname nicknamed “Mother of Fraternities” for the number of fraternities that started on its campus. With 21 sororities and 30 fraternities, Miami remains one of the most heavily-Greek schools in the nation, and the Princeton Review ranks it 4th in the nation for Greek involvement. Sports are also popular, including a Division I Mid-American Conference football team, the RedHawks, and popular ice hockey and basketball teams.

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  • 9. Loyola University Maryland

    While some Extroverts get their socialization fix at frat parties, others gravitate towards connection with the wider world through community service. Loyola University Maryland, a Jesuit liberal arts school, offers extensive opportunities for students to engage with others through social justice organizations.
    In fact, the Princeton Review ranks Loyola University Maryland 10th in “Schools where Students are Most Engaged in Community Service.” Altruistic Extroverts can join some of the many student clubs that address causes like female empowerment, animal welfare and interfaith dialogue. There’s even a social club for non-drinkers. Over 80% of the school’s 6,050 students live on campus, and the school’s location in Baltimore gives students easy access to that city’s thriving nightlife and art scene.

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  • 10. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    For Extroverts, a big school can be the ideal environment, continually providing new faces, different social groups and fresh perspectives to encounter throughout their college careers. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) is the largest school included in this ranking, with 29,084 students, over half of whom live on campus. The university earns top marks from students for its party scene, including thriving Greek life and sports. The Tar Heels, known especially for their men’s basketball team, have a longstanding rivalry with Duke, and attendance at games is widespread and enthusiastic. Off campus, Chapel Hill is widely regarded as one of the nation’s quintessential college towns, offering music, restaurants and shopping.

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