Best Degrees and Colleges for INFJ


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INFJ stands for “introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging,” with those of this personality type defined as having introverted intuition alongside extraverted feeling. INFJs can also lay claim to being among the most caring of the personality types; a desire to help others is frequently at the forefront of whatever they choose to do professionally. Often, in fact, INFJs will dedicate themselves to careers in which they can better others’ lives, whether that’s in an educational, clinical or even a scientific setting. Fittingly, then, the INFJ has been given nicknames like “the counselor” and “the protector.” And this personality type’s typical wish to improve the human condition – among other inclinations – fits very nicely with the following chosen ten degrees and colleges for INFJ individuals. These courses of study are all intrinsically INFJ-friendly – frequently, for example, enabling learners to go on to be better able to boost public wellbeing or otherwise equipping students with the skills to positively influence others.

10. Health and Fitness – University of Michigan

10. Health and Fitness

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Because INFJs often have an inherent desire to improve others’ lives, some may find themselves drawn to healthcare as a profession. And while those of this personality type are generally not that attracted to the hard sciences, they may nevertheless be more inclined to develop and display scientific expertise if it results in directly helping others – making INFJs well suited to careers in physical and occupational therapy. Proficiency in both these disciplines can, moreover, be achieved on the undergraduate health and fitness program at the University of Michigan – which according to USA Today is the best school in the U.S. for such a major. In fact, the course at the Ann Arbor-based institution is an excellent choice for those interested in going on to endorse and inspire good health in both individuals and the public at large.

9. Psychology – Stanford University

9. Psychology

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As INFJs are often innately interested in people and improving their lot, they are well matched to the social sciences. Psychology, in particular, is a field seemingly tailor-made for INFJs, since those with this personality type are also typically great listeners with a knack for understanding people. And for those INFJs wanting to enter the profession, Stanford University’s undergraduate program in psychology ought to appeal, in part owing to its “excellent training” in comprehending individuals’ actions and behaviors. What’s more, the Californian school’s course offers students the chance to get involved in the latest psychological research – and not only is this an opportunity to further find ways of assisting others, but it may also make the most of an INFJ’s ability to work independently.

8. Education – Michigan State University

8. Education

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While INFJs’ introversion may not typically make them suited to getting up in front of a crowd of children, people of this personality type nevertheless make for especially gifted teachers thanks to their ability and desire to aid the development of their students. Indeed, whether INFJs are instructing large classes or providing one-on-one support to special-needs learners, they are by and large helpful and driven – and feel suitably rewarded when their methods achieve the desired results. Following on from this, those wishing for a particularly INFJ-friendly education in the field should perhaps look toward Michigan State University’s teacher preparation course. Not only is the East Lansing-based program recognized as among the finest of its kind, but undergrads on it are taught skills specific to “high-need settings” like inner-city schools and disruptive classrooms – where INFJs are likely to feel particularly valued when making a positive difference.

7. Journalism – University of Missouri

7. Journalism

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While helping others is a common INFJ trait, so too is a love of language – particularly its expressiveness. It’s probably little surprise, then, that some with this personality type show an interest in becoming journalists, editors and writers, while INFJs with investigative and artistic interests have the propensity to become excellent investigative journalists. So what of germane routes toward this career? Well, few schools provide as good a grounding in journalism as the University of Missouri, which neatly counts investigative journalism as one of over 30 focus areas of its undergraduate programs. Furthermore, the Columbia-based institution spurs on investigative journalism students in particular to later specialize in a particular field, such as healthcare – a sphere that some INFJs may be drawn to because of its focus on helping people.

6. Food Science – University of California, Davis

6. Food Science

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Because INFJs often feel the need to challenge themselves intellectually, some may be attracted to the rigor of scientific disciplines. Practicing science doesn’t, though, always tend to be enough in itself – as with their humanitarian leanings, INFJs frequently seek professions that also allow them to improve the human condition. One such suitably INFJ-friendly field, then, is food science, whose aims are, essentially, to make food safer, more appetizing and more nutritious for the public. And according to U.S. News & World Report, one of the best institutions on the planet at which to study agricultural sciences such as food science is the University of California, Davis. The school’s Institute of Food Technologists-approved B.S. Food Science program not only addresses the field’s essentials, but also examines key issues like packaging and the improved detection of problems.

5. Social Work – New York University

5. Social Work

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Given their characteristically excellent listening and thinking skills, INFJs are usually very much suited to social work. This is a field, after all, that practitioners often find particularly rewarding – something which INFJs can likewise look forward to after committing their ideas to positive actions. And according to USA Today, one of the best places to study social work at undergraduate level is New York University. Not only is the school’s Bachelor of Science program in the area highly regarded, but it’s also inherently INFJ-friendly thanks to its commitment to social justice and action. What’s more, the course’s modest class sizes may further appeal to the typically introverted INFJ individual.

4. Graphic Design – Rhode Island School of Design

4. Graphic Design

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For some INFJs, the desire to visualize and realize ideas drives them to embark on arts-related or creative careers – like those in graphic design, for example. And for people of this personality type wanting to become graphic designers, there’s perhaps no better place to study the discipline than at Rhode Island School of Design. After all, almost three quarters of the Providence institution’s classes have fewer than 20 participants, which may be a major plus point for the introverted INFJ. Furthermore, undergraduate graphic design majors get to benefit from what the school calls an “inspiring community” environment, with INFJs in particular likely to appreciate the chances to engage others and be influenced in turn.

3. Library and Information Science – University of Southern Mississippi

3. Library and Information Science

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Due to their typical love of the written word, INFJs can make for potentially excellent information professionals. And since those of the personality type also often thrive in quiet environments and desire to assist others, The University of Southern Mississippi’s B.S. Library and Information Science degree – a seemingly rare qualification obtainable at undergraduate level – is therefore likely to appeal to many an INFJ learner. The Hattiesburg-based institution promises that each of the students on the program will become “an information leader” with the skills to ably distinguish and assess source material. What is more, the course can prepare learners to work as, among other things, media specialists in schools. This will no doubt tempt INFJs also interested in education – a sphere that those of this personality type often appreciate thanks to its facility for influencing and helping others.

2. Religion – Pepperdine University

2. Religion

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INFJs can be insightful intellectuals with the capacity to help those in emotional need, and they therefore often hear the call of the church when mulling over potential career choices. Indeed, religious life is something of a natural fit for a personality type characterized by its deep thinking as much as its compassion. So what of stepping stones to future ministry? Well, one good option could be the Bachelor of Arts in Religion program at Pepperdine University – a Malibu, California institution that has been recognized as the leading Christian college in the country. The degree itself is rather INFJ-friendly through its concentrations as well; those of this personality type will likely enjoy the scripture and Christian thought specialties in particular.

1. Public Health – University of California, Berkeley

1. Public Health

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The INFJ individual often not only instinctively cares about the wellbeing of others, but is also usually determined to change it for the better. Moreover, INFJs are in general naturally very able to conceive of and subsequently action important ideas in order to achieve this. This all makes them well suited to a public health career – and, more particularly, studying toward one at the University of California, Berkeley. After all, the school’s undergraduate public health major is the nation’s best of its kind, according to USA Today. Also likely of appeal to INFJs is the fact that the program teaches learners how to foster and safeguard public health while at the same time being sensitive to diverse global communities and fundamental human rights.