Best Degrees and Colleges for ENTP


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ENTP stands for “extraverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving,” and those individuals with this personality type are sometimes seen as life’s visionaries. In a nutshell, they’re the people who typically think big, often choosing to take an idea and run with it – in whatever direction they see fit – to achieve something that can be game-changing. This means that ENTPs are on the whole a natural fit for degree programs and schools where innovation and creativity aren’t just encouraged but are prerequisites for success. The following ten best degrees and colleges for ENTP personality are undergraduate degrees, and are the most ENTP-friendly.  They utilize unconventional learning practices, are offered by forward-thinking institutions, or otherwise play to ENTPs’ usual strengths.

10. Creative Industries – Bentley University

10. Creative Industries

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It can be problematic for ENTPs to pick single subjects to pursue at college, as they tend to have such a large variety of interests. Typically, though, those with this personality type have a burning desire to be creative and enjoy as much freedom as is possible in an academic program. Exploring how the likes of TV, music, film and design interact with and drive business, Bentley University’s Bachelor of Science major in creative industries is therefore a natural fit for ENTPs of an artistic bent. What’s more, there is no rigid structure to the program; instead, those taking the degree at the Waltham, Massachusetts school may work flexibly to a bespoke curriculum that ties in with their individual strengths and preferences.

9. Entrepreneurship – Babson College

9. Entrepreneurship

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Not only are ENTPs typically motivated by forging fresh ideas, but they also often love to buck the status quo – traits that position them well to become entrepreneurs. The ideal ENTP environment for such endeavors must additionally be fairly unrestrictive and see them surrounded by likeminded individuals. This makes Babson College the perfect place for entrepreneurial undergrads. Indeed, the Babson Park, Massachusetts-based school offers 55 courses around the subject, many of which can be taken through the undergraduate entrepreneurship concentration. What’s more, in 2014, Babson College was deemed the top U.S. school for undergraduate entrepreneurship learning by Entrepreneur magazine. The publication also revealed that in the five years leading up to 2014 the college’s alumni had established 118 commercial organizations – something sure to impress any self-starting ENTP.

8. Architecture – Cornell University

8. Architecture

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It’s perhaps unsurprising that website Truity lists “architect” as one of the most popular careers for ENTPs, since the profession involves a lot that tallies well with the typical traits of those with this personality type. For instance, ENTPs often have both conceptual and creative nous, and both are essential for good building design. Furthermore, any ENTP looking to enter the field ought to strongly consider Cornell University’s bachelor of architecture program, which according to Architectural Record is the best undergraduate degree course for architecture in the U.S. The program teaches fundamental theoretical skills alongside essential practical knowhow while keeping class sizes modest – something that the Ithaca, New York-based school believes helps to develop an “intellectual community.” And seeing as how a sense of community – especially one that stimulates debate – is generally important for ENTPs, this should also contribute to making many an ENTP feel right at home.

7. Fine Art – Pratt Institute

7. Fine Art

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ENTPs are normally creative and can usually appreciate a fine painting, drawing or sculpture when they see one. Plus, their typically above-average confidence levels mean that they are unlikely to be afraid to express themselves artistically if they so wish. Any ENTP who desires to pursue an educational grounding in fine art may, though, require an undergraduate program that’s a little more innovative than the norm; this personality type has been labeled as “the visionary,” after all. And if this is the case, then they should look no further than Pratt Institute’s BFA in Fine Art – a program that involves “creative problem-solving” and so one that neatly fits the solution-finding skills of a typical ENTP. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that in 2015 USA Today named the New York City school the number one higher education institution in the nation for a fine and studio arts degree.

6. Graphic Design – Rhode Island School of Design

6. Graphic Design

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An ENTP individual may be well equipped for a career in graphic design, as those of this type are typically adaptable and driven problem solvers. They also possess a desire to understand people and their values, which when coupled with the innate creative flair of the more artistically inclined ENTPs should make things like brand identities come naturally. ENTPs’ working methods can be a little maverick, though, meaning they ought to pursue degree programs in the field that satisfy their tendencies toward unconventionality. Luckily, Rhode Island School of Design’s undergraduate graphic design course should do just. Indeed, in 2011 the Providence school was named one of the nation’s best for “visionaries” by The Huffington Post. And the program itself, meanwhile, promises learners an “inspiring community” in which to become fully immersed in the graphic design process – the perfect opportunity, then, for ENTPs to learn from and in turn inspire their peers.

5. Political Science – Illinois Institute of Technology

5. Political Science

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Owing to their relative rigidity and the meticulousness they demand, the natural sciences are unlikely to hold appeal for many ENTPs. However, the social sciences – which include political science – are more focused on people and their behaviors and so should make for far more suitable ENTP majors. It’s not just the study of people that ENTPs are interested in, though; as so-called visionaries, those of this personality type typically have an in-built desire to influence those around them. And among the finest “colleges for visionaries,” according to The Huffington Post’s 2011 report, is the Illinois Institute of Technology – which also offers a Bachelor of Science in political science. The program is particularly well suited to politically minded ENTPs interested in both policy analysis and high-level research. The Chicago-based school states, moreover, that the undergraduate course will boost its learners’ problem-solving abilities, playing straight into one of the areas for which a typical ENTP will already be enthusiastic.

4. Anthropology – Vanderbilt University

4. Anthropology

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ENTPs have by definition been gauged as more thinkers than feelers, and thinkers are more prone to having investigative interests. And for ENTPs where this is the case, anthropology could be a great college major – particularly as the subject involves looking at the “big picture,” rather than the minute details, and deals with people in both the past and present. Yet as often-innovative sorts, would-be ENTP anthropologists also require a similarly progressive education – like the one provided at Vanderbilt University. According to The Huffington Post, the Nashville-based school is among the country’s best for forward-thinkers, and with its undergraduate anthropology major’s emphasis on “experiential learning,” it’s perhaps easy to see why the institution has been so regarded. What’s more, not only are graduates from the undergraduate anthropology program there equipped to process complex information, but they’re also prepared for careers in a variety of people-focused professions – hence, ones that will suit a lot of ENTPs down to the ground.

3. Liberal Arts – St. Johns College

3. Liberal Arts

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ENTP personality types usually value creativity and consequently are often attracted to the arts. Indeed, some ENTPs may look forward to successful careers as dramatists, thespians or even talk show hosts – like probable ENTP Jon Stewart, for example. A far-reaching liberal arts education is, therefore, a sound choice for ENTPs not completely sure of which career path they should follow – a common enough problem for those with this personality type. Given the above, St. Johns College’s undergraduate liberal arts program is a good match thanks to its multifaceted, far-reaching nature. Students on this course at the Annapolis, Maryland-based school are offered a thorough grounding in political theory, literature, music and languages, among other subjects, and all through classes that take a seminar format ripe for ENTP-friendly interaction, discussion and debate with others.

2. Urban Studies – University of California

2. Urban Studies

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In view of their often-innate ability to conceive groundbreaking ideas and overcome problems with unprecedented originality, ENTPs are usually equipped with the fundamental skills needed for a career in urban planning. Of course, though, future ENTP undergraduates considering this major will need a school that encourages forward thinking – and the University of California, Berkeley is a great fit given its students’ rich and continuing history of questioning the status quo. The University of California’s flagship institution offers undergraduates a Bachelor of Arts degree in urban studies that looks at urbanization from past and future perspectives and a minor in city planning that examines how towns and cities can be greatly invigorated through development and design.

1. Interarts Performance – University of Michigan

1. Interarts Performance

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The University of Michigan’s BFA in Interarts Performance program is designed for students intrigued by both the visual and performance arts, including those individuals hoping to devise wholly unique works of presentational art. Plus, learners at the Ann Arbor school will receive a thorough artistic grounding in a wide variety of media – good news for ENTP personality types, as they can often struggle to settle on just one avenue of study. Indeed, the program’s far-reaching curriculum removes the need for arts-appreciating ENTPs to work out a specific field in which to specialize and allows them to flex their considerable creative muscles. It doesn’t hurt, either, that in 2011 The Huffington Post acclaimed the University of Michigan as among the best “colleges for visionaries.”